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TCL comes to the rescue of vandalised railway station flowerbed

TCL comes to the rescue of vandalised railway station flowerbed image

The TCL team has been re-enacting a scene from Thomas the Tank Engine – by coming to the rescue of a Cheshire railway station whose flowerbeds had seen better days!

They joined forces with David Wilson Homes, with whom they have been working on a new development just across the road, to transform a pile of mud and rotten wood into a flowerbed of which the Fat Controller would be proud!

The services of the emergency flowerbed repair team were requested by chairman of the Friends of Chelford Station Andy Gildon when he discovered that an already disintegrating raised bed had finally lost its fight to survive thanks to a coup de grace from a passing vandal.

“The planters have been in place now for about ten years and, like the rest of us, they’ve seen some wear,” he said.

“None more so than the large planter on the Crewe-bound platform. The wood had rotted quite badly over the years and all it needed was a bit of vandalism to finish it off. Someone who was a bit bored decided to tightrope walk the edge, it seems.”

And, as DWH and TCL were working at the Galloway Green development just across the road he decided to ask them to help out.

The TCL team, in the form of Eamon O’Reilly and Adam O’Rourke, rebuilt the planter and filled it with dozens of ornamental plants including lavender, euonymus, choisya and rosemary – and will be adding to the offerings in the fullness of time.

Andy added: “It’s wonderful when businesses support small communities like ours. The Friends of Chelford Station are wholly dependent on funding they can raise from local government, charities and businesses and without this, the station would not be as pleasant a place as it is today. We are very grateful to David Wilson Homes and to TCL Group, and thank them for all their generous help.

“Eamon and Adam have done a wonderful job and it was a pleasure to have them working on the station.

“The new planter looks fantastic and it has already been admired by people travelling from the station. The plants are great, it’s a very generous donation. We have some cash in the kitty so we’re going to buy something spectacular and purple (on Eamon’s suggestion) to go in the centre of the new bed.”