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Playforce donates 150 trees to schools during National Tree Week

Playforce donates 150 trees to schools during National Tree Week image

Playforce was delighted to announce the launch of a very special initiative to celebrate and support National Tree Week (23rd November to 1st December). To support The Tree Council’s initiative Playforce donated 150 dwarf apple trees to their school customers across England and Wales.

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season. This National Tree Week, people are planting trees around the country and 150 of them will be donated by the UK’s leading play provider, Playforce.

The dwarf apple trees are ready to be planted in their school grounds. In addition to doing their bit for the environment, these trees will also provide a range of learning opportunities for pupils as they care for the trees and watch them grow, attract pollinating insects and wildlife to the school grounds as well as providing fruit and promoting the benefits of healthy eating.

The Tree Council, which organises National Tree Week, explained why it’s important to celebrate trees:

Trees do so much for us every day. They give us oxygen, store carbon, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, support wildlife and are a key solution to climate change. They also make our communities more beautiful and improve our wellbeing.

But trees need our help now. We need to champion them, by planting many more trees and caring for the ones we already have, to ensure a green, tree-filled future.

National Tree Week is an opportunity for everyone to plant a tree and help ensure a tree-filled future.

Oscar Sorabjee, Play Services Director, said:

‘It’s more important than ever that we do what we can to have a positive impact on the natural environment. As part of a group that provides ‘green’ services we are thrilled that Playforce is able to support the Tree Council’s initiative for National Tree Week.

In providing 150 new trees, to schools around the country, we hope to provide opportunities for children to learn about the fantastic natural resource trees are. We also hope that they’ll be able to benefit from a wide variety of other learning opportunities, that each come with growing a tree in their school grounds.’