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Plantscape launches new herb planters for winter

Plantscape launches new herb planters for winter image

Plantscape has added a new range of winter herb planters to its portfolio – offering an aromatic experience for towns and BIDs across England, Scotland and Wales.

The new herb planters will include lavender, rosemary, bay and sage to provide unusual foliage and a treat for the nostrils, while a splash of visual contrast is provided by brightly coloured polyanthus, with joy-inducing bulbs such as snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, iris and hyacinth bursting through in the spring.

The new range will provide an added sensual experience with its glorious range of smells and tastes as well as textural and subtle colour differences.

Plantscape’s traditional winter planters are already very popular with towns keen to add a splash of colour, texture and interest to the streets once the summer gives way to autumn.

Pansies, polyanthus and spring bulbs offer a dazzling contrast to the gloom of grey skies and drizzle, against a canvas of ivy, japonica and euonymus.